• Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

How To Data Recovery Corrupted Files From A USB Drive

There are many situations when the user suddenly realizes that the Data Recovery on his USB drive is corrupted or has disappeared altogether. What to do in this case? Let’s see how to recover corrupted files and data from USB using the command line. We will also list a few free USB disk Data Recovery software if command line recovery does not produce the desired results.

Recovering corrupted files and data from USB from the command line :

Drive damage can be caused by many factors, such as file table corruption, power failure, incorrect media shutdown, viruses, and so on. Let’s try to recover corrupted files from USB without using third party software as follows: run command prompt as administrator and type:

This will launch the built-in Disk Error Checker or Check Disk Utility to identify and fix possible file table failures. Here f is the drive letter of our USB and the /r option identifies the bad blocks and tries to recover the information.

After that, we use the built-in tool attrib.exe to recover files that may be inaccessible due to malware. In the same window, run the following command and press Enter:

Once the verification is complete, you can check if you have access to your data. If that didn’t help, then another option you have is to run some free data recovery software.

Data Recovery
Check the hard drive on the computer.

Free USB Drive Recovery Software :

Software to help you recover Wikipedia data from a USB flash drive. We will look at three programs – Recuva, R2FD Recover and Easeus.

Recuva :

Piriform Recuva Free Advanced File Recovery software allows you to recover lost files from your hard drive (using NTFS or FAT file system), digital camera card or MP3 player and has an intuitive interface.

The wizard will guide you through each step of the recovery process. All you have to do is specify the type of files you want to track.

This software performs a quick standard scan and an optional “deep scan” that covers all technology bases while searching for recoverable files.