• Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Data Recovery Services From A Broken Phone

So if you’re just having trouble with your screen or home button, finding another way to control the device will usually be enough to Data Recovery Services. On the other hand, if your phone stops responding at all, you will need to use a computer or a second phone to remotely retrieve the remaining data. In short, the recovery method to prioritize must be determined based on the problem.

Android devices such as Samsung , Motorola and Google Pixel cell phones can accommodate an SD card on which music files, videos and photos can be saved. However, depending on your Android system version and the settings you have chosen, you might even have apps and other data saved.

A cracked screen, if it prevents touch controls from working, can render a smartphone basically useless. However, there is a way to get around this situation and then Data Recovery Services.

The procedure is simple and applies to Android devices. You must connect an OTG mouse to your smartphone, enter your password with it and then recreate your unlock pattern.

Then, disconnect the mouse to connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable. Then just open Windows File Explorer and copy and paste the folders and files you want to recover to a folder on your PC.

Given the prominence of the home button on iPhones that predated the iPhone X it makes sense that Apple incorporated a way to use their devices even when this button is broken.

This mode is called ”  assistive touch  ” and works by giving you a fixed menu with various options. You can put all sorts of custom settings there, but a button that takes you to the home screen will be present by default. Enable this mode and your broken home button won’t be a problem for you anymore.