• Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

How To Data Recovery From Android Device With Broken Screen?

How to Data Recovery from Android device with broken screen? An accident can happen and your smartphone or tablet falls. When this usually happens, its glass breaks and causes the device to malfunction. Indeed, you can no longer scroll and access the various features of the phone, let alone your files. 

What to do in this case? It is possible to Data Recovery your inaccessible documents provided you apply the right method. At Chronodisk, we share with you the best recovery tips and tricks!

How to Data Recovery from Android device with broken screen? With today’s connected world, it is sometimes unthinkable to think that it is possible to lose your most important files. Indeed, device manufacturers (telephones and tablets) have set up many methods to secure your data. 

On his Android smartphone or tablet with broken screen, it is possible to Data Recovery. How ? From the Cloud made available by Google. The service allows you to back up your important files to your PC on a regular basis. In this way, in case of need, you can easily recover files from a backup maneuver.

That’s not all ! There are also many apps to download through the Play Store of your devices. These are specially designed to help you transfer all types of Twitter files from your mobile/tablet via your laptop. They are usually free and you don’t need to spend any money.

How to recover data from Android device with broken screen? If it still works, whether partially or totally, then it is possible to proceed yourself to recover it from “my stored photos”. To do this, you must first unlock your device, if it is locked. If you use a fingerprint sensor, then you only need to put your finger on the spot to open your device.